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A new strain of ransomware, a Petya-esque variant being called Petya/NotPetya, is swiftly spreading across the globe today, impacting tens of thousands of computers as of 28/6/2017. More powerful, professional, and dangerous than last month's WanaCrypt0r attack, the Petya-esque ransomware uses the same EternalBlue exploit to target vulnerabilities in Microsoft's operating system. However, unlike WanaCrypt0r, this ransomware instructs you to reboot your computer and then locks up your entire system. Long story short: if you get this infection, you're hosed.

Please be careful with any suspicious emails especially claiming to be from people you may know.  DO NOT open any attachments unless you are 100% sure they are legitimate. Tell tell signs are messages containing 'broken english'. Another test is to select the 'Reply' to email option without actually sending a reply and then check the email return address.

We have recently had to rebuild several network systems through attacks so please be vigillant?    


We have seen a large increase in support support calls from users to re-install our software due to virus infected computers and servers. This prompted us to source a supplier we could recommend to provide security software which would meet our requirements.

We are now pleased to announce that we have partnered with ESET Antivirus who are able to supply endpoint protection solutions for business or home use at very competitive prices. For further information or a quote then please enter your details here.

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