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Finite Scheduling / Capacity Planning


  • Actual Capacty vs Loading
  • Capacity Graphs Actual / Loaded / Over
  • Finite Scheduler Gantt Chart
  • Drag and Drop Scheduling
  • Work To Lists

The Capacity Planning module analyses shop floor capacity hours against required capacity over a 12 month period.  Over and under capacity is shown using a grid system with detailed bar graphs to quickly highlight problem areas.  The module is an invaluable tool for sales personell to see quickly if there is available capacity when calculating estimated delivery dates on customer quotations.  For production managers it will highlight resource bottlenecks and enable overtime planning to be more accurate.

The Finite Scheduling module uses our own algorithms to determine what work is loaded on to what resource and when.  These alogorithms are user defineable and include delivery date, earliest start date, priority and urgency.  There are other factors which can determine the schedule such as material availability and earliest start dates.  The reult is a gantt chart detailing manunfacturing sequences which can then be manipulated further by the user with drag and drop functionality.

Customers can be displayed in different colours and jobs running late are also highlighted.  Resources can be grouped in to similar types so scheduled jobs can be evenly distributed across the group.  An individual operation can be locked to a specific resource as well as in time.  Parallel running of operations is also an option where high volume work is required.

Each resources has its own shift work and overtime pattern and there is the option for breakdown and holiday scheduling.  Efficiency levels can also be set on a reource by resource basis as we all know they never run at 100%   

Released schedules are available to the shop floor data collection system enabling operators to see what work is scheduled and on what resource. There is also a detailed work to report available if required.

New orders and shop floor data keep the Capacity Planning and Finite Scheduler modules fed with data to give the user live planning and resource capacities any time of the day or night.  This will improve on-time delivery performance and utilise resources to their best levels.                   
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