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Shop Floor Live


This optional module has been developed to show live shop floor job monitoring for both the employee and office staff.  Live Job operations are shown using a traffice light system indicating how much time is remaning on any one operation.  The indicators can be user set and will change colour when the remaining time falls in to the preset percentage band.  The screen refresh interval can also be set from one minute or above.

Both employees and staff are continually being updated when live operations move in to the different bands especially when they go in to the 'red' categroy meaning the actual time is fast approaching the estimated time.  Employess are more likely to inform production managers of potential problems if they see the estimated time is not going to be met. The oportunity then arises to do something about it before its too late.  The display shows all live employee time bookings with additional displays for the whole order book against delivery dates and scheduled dates. 

Ideally the software should be run on a large high resolution screen so as to get the best benefit.  Office staff also have the ability with the right security to make comments on any live operation so others users are aware that the potential situation is receiving attention. 

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