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  • Equipment Calibration Records
  • Usage or Period
  • Calibration Checks History
  • Loans / Returns
  • What's Due Report

The Calibration module records details on any equipment that requires calibration whether internal or external.  A database of Standard Methods can be used along with any attached documents.  Items can be checked by an elapsed period or on a usage basis with comprehensive reports which detail in advance what records need calibrating.

Calibration checks can be carried out internally or externally with the option of including scanned certificates from external sources.  Usage figures are updated by the built in loan recording or via the shop floor data collection system.

A full history of all calibration checks and loans is available including those that have been issued to or from customers.

Job orders can be integrated so detailed equipment requirements can be output on to route cards as required.
Enquiries: 01558 650 922
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