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Job Orders


  • Customer Order Input
  • Multiple delivery schedules including KANBAN
  • Produce Job / Route Cards with unlimited output formats
  • Production Enquiry
  • Costings

The Job Orders module is the central hub of the production control software.  New customer orders are entered and planned before releasing them in to production.  An optional 'Contract Review' setting can be used to maintain control of company and quality procedures to ensure nothing has been missed before releasing an order for manufacture.  Orders can be assigned to different employees for further processing with email alerts.

New order items can be created from an existing quotation or using a historical record.  New Orders can also be input 'on the fly' without any prior knowledge of the item being ordered and then planned and costed accordingly.  This is useful for internal tooling requirments or the 'back of a fag packet design'.

Multiple plans are catered for as with the quotation module giving infinite ways of manufacture for the same item.

Order Acknowledgements can be sent and Route / Job cards can be created for the shop floor.  Shop floor time and progress is fed back to the Job you are always aware of its progress.  There is an unlimited number of Job/Route cards formats that can be made available to the user.  This is useful for producing different printed requirements for the different type of work being done.

An extensive enquiry option enables the user to quickly see job progress, operation scheduled times, time booked, purchases made and costings.  Quick links on the order screen will jump the user to any associated information in other modules.

There are extensive search and filter options on most of the input fields and a very powerful 'full text seach' option.

A fully customizable selection of reports is available including overdue orders, order book, labels, proforma invoices and many more.        
Enquiries: 01558 650 922
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