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  • Customer / Supplier Non-Conformance Records
  • Internal / External
  • Detailed Input Analysis
  • Reporting Analysis including Graphs
  • Quality Control
  • Alerts
  • Returns

The Redant Non-Conformance modules records both customer and supplier quality control problems with detailed analysis and costs as well as scrap.  New records are automatically marked against the associated manufactured products, alerting any user to current or historical non-conformances.  These are shown when entering new quotes or job orders which help prevent any re-occurrance and increases quality ratings.  

Flags can be set to inform employees using the shop floor data collection system about a current or historical non-conformance relating to a job before it is started. This can be done at operation level.  An optional email notification can be sent confirming the employee has read and understood the issue.  Flags can also be set to force a manufactured item in to a review status putting a stop on any new quotations or orders until further investigation has taken place.  A delivery hold option is available as a last resort and deliveries are blocked until they are released by an authoritive user.

The module has a whole range of analytic reports including graphs to enable your company to improve its quality control and pinpoint problem areas in manufacturing whether it be material, employee, machine etc.

The Supplier non-conformance module has an integrated returns module which tracks goods sent back to suppliers for replacement or refund.  Supplier ratings can be calculated from the non-conformance data collected against a supplier over a given period to help with selecting appropriate suppliers.
Enquiries: 01558 650 922
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