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Stock Control


  • Finished, Material, Consumables
  • Goods In/Out
  • Material Weight Calculator
  • Re-ordering
  • Approved Suppliers
  • Documents

The Stock Control module records movements of stock in and out with full traceability where required.  This can be for raw material, consumables, finished items and subcontract purchases.  The option to not record stock balances for individual records such as consumables is available.

For raw material items there is a built in weight calculator to aid the operator when kilo rates are quoted as apposed to a length rate. Both can be applied and shown on the purchase order.

Individual items can be monitored for minimum levels.  The re-order section allows the user to select these and place purchase orders with a single key press.

Approved suppliers can be assigned to individual records eliminating the wrong supplier being used to place an order.  There is a lookup facility in the purchase order module which allows anyone to search the approved supplier database for different type of purchases.

Optional documents can be assigned to specific stock records with purchase order inclusion so when a user place a purchase order the documents are automatically emailed with the order.  This is ideal when using a stock record as a subcontract item for say heat treatment or forgeing.

There is an extensive search and enquiry section with full drill down options to track any material usage and where it was used.
Enquiries: 01558 650 922
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