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Crystal Reports


RedAnt uses the world renowed Crystal Reports system to create all the documents and reports.  What this means is that everything is customizable to the user's exact requirment which includes every document and every report.

We have learned from the very start that not all users want the same information reported on and so over time we have built up an extensive library of reports which enables us to tailor your system to your requirments.

Documents such as Quotes, Job Cards, Delivery Notes, Invoices, Purchase orders to name but a few will all be tailored to your exact requirments with logos, quality assurance graphics, even down to digitally scanned and encrypted signatures.

Standard reports are supplied but you can rest assured that these can be tailored to your needs.  This can be accomplished by our support personnell or you can purchase a full copy of the report writer and with some trainign amke the changes yourself.  You can even create your own reports and add them to the redant menu. 
Enquiries: 01558 650 922
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