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Purchase Orders


  • Create Supplier Orders
  • Jobs or Stock Orders
  • MRP / Job Requirements
  • Goods In
  • Purchase Invoices
  • History

The purchase order module is used to place orders for materials, subcontract work, consumables or just about anything else.  Using the MRP or Job requirments options a user can see a complete picture of what needs ordering and when.  Requirements can be grouped together and concatenated on to a single order to a supplier saving time and being able to negotiate a better price.

The purchase enquiry module used by Estimating/Quotations and the Job Orders module can also be used to create purchase orders when customer orders are confirmed.

Goods In records deliveries against purchase orders along with any certification documents received. Documents can be scanned and recorded electronically for later use.  Where an item is ordered for stock as well as for a specific job, the system can automatically allocate the required quantity to the job and place the balance in stock.

The purchase invoice section can record invoice details and these can then be checked against deliveries made and purchase prices.  An export option exists to export the invoice data in an accounts system such as Sage.

Purchase history for any item ordered is available detailing suppliers, prices, dates etc. This is also available in the Stock Module  There is also an approved supplier option so certain items can only be ordered from approved suppliers.  This is linked to the supplier record where approval certificates can be recorded with expiry dates. Purchase orders cannot be made against suppliers with expired approvals.

A supplier rating system is available from withing the Supplier Module which can grade suppliers and ouput optional certificates with details of their rating. 
Enquiries: 01558 650 922
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