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Estimates / Quotations


  • Quick Quote
  • Quote from detailed costings
  • Automated Purchase Enquiries and tracking
  • Purchasing price breaks
  • Unlimited Manufacturing Plans
  • Assemblies
  • Salesman tracking
  • Status Tracking with Key Performance Indicators
  • Instant Quote to Order conversion

The Redant Estimating and Quotation module keeps track of all your customer's enquiries and produces a Quotation which can be printed, emailed or faxed.  A single item 'Quick Quote' can be entered and sent to the customer in under a minute.  Where items to be quoted require more detailed costs to be input and calculated then RedAnt can draw on its historical database of material, subcontract and sundry costs to estimate the final price.  The user however is in full control and has the final say on what is quoted to the customer.

The module has the ability to send out automatic purchase enquiries to selected suppliers at the press of a button, eliminating many phone calls to get the latest up to date material and subcontract prices.  Prices received from suppliers can be compared in a single screen and the best ones chosen.  Later these purchase enquiries can be converted in to purchase orders with no further processing required should you receive the order from the customer.

Material, Subcontract and Miscellaneous cost price breaks can be entered where you want RedAnt to reduce the estimated cost based on volume purchases.  This supplier cost reduction can be passed on or not as required.

A single manufactured part can have 'multiple plan' numbers which enables RedAnt to quote for the same item but with different options for example the customer may require a quote for an item in both aluminium and stainless.  This is a very poweful feature and allows a user to quickly copy one plan to another and then make changes to the new plan.  This can also be done within the same quote.

Assembly estimating is catered for to an unlimited number of assembly levels rolling up costs as it moves up the tree structure.

Salesman tracking and KPI's (key performance indicators) are avaialble with reports and graphs.  

When a customer places an order and number of items on the quotation can be quickly converted to a Job Order at the press of a button.  This feature is also available in reverse so an order can be converted to a quote.

Enquiries: 01558 650 922
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